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China -Finland forum

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China -Finland winter sports forum has been successfully held in Beijing

Beijing time April 16th, the China -Finland winter sports forum was held in Beijing Water Cube This forum is sponsored by Bewin sports and ASHER sports, and the Embassy in Finland has become a support unit.


This forum has brought Many heavyweight leaders and guests together include President of Finland Jarno Syrjälä, Finland Rovaniemi Parliament President Heikki Autto, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association Gao Yunchao, Chairman of the National Speed Skating Museum Limited Liability Company Wu Xiaonan, and the executive director of the National Swimming Center Limited liability company, Yang Qiyong.


Leaders and authoritative experts from China's winter sports field attended and spoke, such as,  Finland chamber of Commerce, University of Lapland, Kara sports college, Finland Suomen Biathlon Ltd, Finland ice hockey dasher boards equipment company(VEPE OY), Roki ice hockey club, Finland airlines and other Fenlands, as well as the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, Hebei Sports Bureau, Beijing Ice Hockey Association, China Resources (Holdings) Company Limited (hereinafter "CR"), China National Sports Group, Capital Institute of Physical Education, Hebei Institute of Physical Education, Bewin sports and the Asher sports .

According to the relevant data, by 2025, about 300 million Chinese are involved in the ice and snow campaign. The total scale of China's ice and snow industry is expected to reach 1 trillion yuan. Finland's ambassador to China, Su Hai Lan, said in his speech that China and Finn have a very solid foundation in the cooperation relationship in the field of winter sports and have also been supported by the top leaders of the two countries. Over the years, Finland has developed into one of the most successful countries in winter sports. It has outstanding advantages in winter sports, such as high quality equipment production and operation and maintenance, stadium construction, research and development of innovative equipment, and youth sports training. It can provide many support for China to achieve the goal of 300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement. The government has also set up a winter sports team for China. "I am glad to see that the two countries' business cooperation continues to advance in this field."


Then, the important power of the two countries in the field of ice and snow exchanges and share their respective advantages and characteristics respectively. Including Finland Rovaniemi, University of Lapland, Kara Sports Institute, Finland winter two companies, Finland ice hockey dasher boards equipment company, Roki ice hockey club, and Hebei Institute of Physical Education, The atmosphere is warm.As early as April 2017, China and Finland taking the 2022 Winter Olympics as the opportunity reached a new partnership to organize the Winter sports cooperate with the Winter Olympics Games, and to establish 2019 as the "China Finland winter sports year". The founder and CEO of Bewin Sports also the sponsor of the event said the winter sports forum was to be held to build a high level exchange platform for China and Finn and contribute to the development of China's winter sports.


Bewin Sports is a professional sports company focusing on sports operation, sports training and international sports exchange. Taking the Winter Olympics as the opportunity to introduce the top ice and snow project resources in Finland, we can make full use of the professional role in the process of building China's ice and snow industry, gradually widen the international vision of the Chinese sports industry and create a sports culture exchange platform of "sports + culture + Entertainment + communication".

At the end of the forum, Bewin Sport has signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Kara Sports Institute, Hebei Institute of Physical Education and CR in winter talent training, stadiums equipments operation management and international exchange.

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